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The current pandemic has created such upheaval in everyone’s lives. In Australia, like everywhere else, it has cost lives and many more jobs. One unnamed Oz resident knows the damage the virus has caused all too well. In his 20s and recently a father, he

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On February 1, local time, in the state of Maharashtra in central India, medical staff mistakenly used hand sanitizer as an oral polio vaccine for children, causing at least 12 children to live...They saw that they were willing to receive toptopaya proces

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In March, Angus Council noted how much extra waste they had to collect in the early days due to unnecessary stockpiling.Thiruvananthapuram (Thiruvananthapuram): Sharaffudin is a small lottery seller located in Tenkasi, Tamilna, straddling the border area

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According to local lottery officials, the mother and son chose to receive the huge prize at one time instead of in installments. In this case, they can only get 24.5 million US dollars (148 million yuan) in bonuses. The winning lottery ticket was bought b

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The amendment to the bill intends to empower district magistrates and additional district magistrates to authorise orders of adoption, propose that appeals on the orders of adoption may be referred to the divisional commissioner, and strengthen child welf

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